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A global network of villages that thrives on the input and contributions of each member and their inherent gifts, available resources and use of privilege. 

Connected by shared goals of arts expression, regenerative agriculture, social justice and models of thriving; this global village operates on sites all over the world to cultivate scholarship & evolution in all fields.

  We thrive using farming, art, travel, study, education and grow for tangible solutions to current problems. 


To develop cohorts of land stewards capable of meeting the challenges of today using the wisdom of our ancestors, elders and children in the interest of our collective future.


Tannur SheWrightz Ali

Residential Land Steward & Founder

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Introducing the NEW iLOGIC

Global Village Headquarters!


Solomon's Garden

To create space for the growth that is central to the mission of iLOGIC, we will spend the coming years developing models of sustainable, multi-generational community building.  Solomon's Garden is a five acre plot of land nestled deep in the woods of rural Alabama.   


We have an ongoing list of Legacy Projects designed to teach and learn sustainable models of food production, natural-build housing, community collaboration and prosperity-building.

Each of the programs offered on-site at Solomon's Garden by iLOGIC Facilitators, is also available at your location, anywhere in the world.  Click here to learn more.

Butterfly Sanctuary
El Ha Gahn
Bee Food
Sunday View
Much to Do!
An often unseen view
Apple Blossoms?
Tannur Catching Rays
The road to paradise
Into The Woods

To be considered for admission to programs at Solomon's Garden, Please complete the form at the link below.  A member of iLOGIC Staff will review your application and respond within 7 business days regarding next steps in the application process.  If you have been invited to attend a private On-Site Retreat, click below.


2020 Accomplishments:


iLOGIC Celebrates Our Community. 

Look What We've Done Together This Year!


Join The Conversation!

Introducing the podcast that brings our community together through conversation.  This Dope ass network of Cool ass people has some serious things to discuss and we are ready to hear your input.  Join the conversation and support the growth of the network via our inclusive Patreon community!

SheWrightz learns through conversation. Members of iLOGIC are invited to listen in and take part in transformative & informative conversations about issues that we are facing as a community and society.  We are stepping into the gap to explore  foundations for bridge-building.  iLOGIC members are invited to submit conversation topics that you would like to bring to the podcast via the contact form below.

Tell us who you are and what you'd like to discuss!


P O Box 709

Eutaw, AL 35462


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