SokraTeas: Herbal Tea Blends
Herbal tea blends using wild crafted herbs and some naturally grown at Solomon's Garden.
Cinnamon Rolls
Mars.Y.Pan makes delicious cinnamon rolls from scratch. Shipping Now available!
Fresh Culinary Herbs
Fresh herbs grown naturally at Solomon's Garden. Vacuum sealed for freshness.
Canned Pears in Heavy Syrup
Pears canned in heavy syrup and spiced with cloves. Available in 1/2 pint, pint and quart sizes.
Fresh Produce Baskets
Locally available in West Alabama, produce baskets beautifully arranged with seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs, delivered within 50 miles of Solomon's Garden.
Photography Services
Professionally trained photographer offering photo shoots in exchange for Life Coaching services. Negotiable.
Sewing and Fashion Design
Veteran seamstress willing to offer high quality fashion design and sewing services in exchange for weekly meal-prep. One outfit per week of prepped meals. Will provide groceries.
Travel Tips
Worldwide wanderer seeking to share tips and tricks of traveling the world alone or in groups in exchange for crochet hats and scarves.
Family Gathering Space
Family reunion, graduation parties, outdoor dinner space available in exchange for web development services. Negotiable.
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