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iLOGIC Members can participate on the level of their interest, to:

  • Eat Fresh with Solomon's Garden CSA

  • Learn with an Online Cohort

  • Facilitate an Online Cohort

  • connect

  • Become a Patron Member

  • Book Artists & facilitators for events

iLOGIC shared values:

self respect   integrity   education   creativity   collaboration   mutual benefit  understanding   fun   unity  sustainability   LOVE

Local CSA 

Local CSA Members Receive:

  • Seasonal subscription to weekly produce boxes

  • Value-added garden items when available

  • 5% discount on purchases in the Garden Store

  • Membership to iLOGIC Garden Club

  • Subscription to the iLOGIC Quarterly Newsletter


iLOGIC has 2, 13-week CSA Seasons. 

Members can participate in one or both seasons. 

Spring/Summer (May 24th-August 16th) and

Autumn (September 6th-November 29th)

Online Cohorts

Online Cohort Members will:

  • Collaborate with a group of like-minds 

    • Participate in regularly scheduled group video calls and webinars

    • Learn skills and information in areas of interest

    • Learn from and with expert facilitators who have 10k + hours of study in the field

  • Be eligible for consideration to attend on-site programs at Solomon's Garden

  • Receive a subscription to the iLOGIC Quarterly Newsletter


iLOGIC has many options for cohort participation in areas of study around agriculture, arts, social justice, education and more.  Click here to learn more.

connect & share

We Believe in the Sharing Economy

Monthly "Offers and Needs Markets" are facilitated by Donnie MacLurcan of the Post Growth Institute and Tannur Ali of iLOGIC.  These monthly markets will take place online and gather people from all over the world to share resources, skills, needs and information.  

The Offers & Needs Market is a powerful tool for social connection.  With efficient facilitation & loving atmosphere, facilitators will guide participants in an exercise to identify their needs and available resources.  Once these things are identified, we let the trading begin!  This lively, yet organized marketplace helps us remember that everything that we need is at our fingertips, all we need to do is connect.

National CSA 

National CSA Members Recieve:

  • Seasonal subscription to monthly value-added garden boxes

  • Recipes for items included in box

  • 5% discount on purchases in the Online Garden Store

  • Membership to iLOGIC Garden Cohort

  • Subscription to the iLOGIC Quarterly Newsletter


National CSA Members can participate in the Autumn Season Only.  Pre-Registration must be completed in advance by July 15, 2019.

 (September 13-November 29th)

online Cohort Facilitators

Online Cohort Facilitators will:

  • Share your love of [insert topic here] with a diverse group of participants who connect internationally

  • Have an online platform from which to launch new classes, events and meetings

  • Enjoy access to a team of curriculum developers and editors to design efficient class structures 

  • Participate in online facilitator think-tanks and training

  • Participate in exclusive facilitator gatherings and on-site retreats

  • Set their own fees, schedules and discussion topics

  • Receive a subscription to the iLOGIC Quarterly Newsletter

patron members

Share the Wealth!

iLOGIC recognizes that the development of our programs must cater to those who know what they want to learn and who they want to learn it with. 


We also recognize that many of the GENIUSES in our society don't yet know what their interests are.  Many have never been asked.  We seek to change that by offering our programs to people from every socio-economic position in society.

iLOGIC Patrons are members who see the value in community education and sow seeds to see the proliferation of genius in the places and among the people we often see as least likely.  There is a genius on the doorstep and your contribution can give them the key to a life of knowledge, abundance and community.


P O Box 709

Eutaw, AL 35462


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