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iLOGIC Homestead Incubation Program


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Participants in the Homestead Incubation Program will engage in biweekly online classes with a variety of facilitators.  You will be partnered with members of your cohort for group study and task accountability. 

There will be 2 one-week immersion experiences at Solomon's Garden in West Alabama to gain practical skills in the areas of tool training, land reading, foraging and building.  The first retreat will allow participants to build relationships with one another, the land and facilitators while providing context for course work and discussion.  At the conclusion of the training, participants will gather again for completion of succession plans, homestead planning presentations and a graduation ceremony. 

Space Is Limited!  Apply Today!

The iLOGIC Homestead Incubation Program has been running a private on-site pilot program for 3 years.  This pilot phase has allowed us to identify the needs of our participants, hone our program and develop curricula.  Through this training, we support the holistic growth and development of African American homesteaders reclaiming their relationships with the land in the 21st century.


As such, this program operates as an affinity group for Historically Disadvantaged Beginning Farmers, specifically those who are descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  We value the importance of ensuring a safe space for learning, healing and development while taking concrete steps to turn the tide of land loss within the Black community in the US.

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Aspects of our training include:

  • Learning and mastery of basic homestead tasks

  • Power tool skill development

  • Building and maintenance skill development

  • Gardening - Seed to table 

  • Market gardening - Seed to sale

  • Small animal husbandry

    • Dogs​

    • Chickens

  • Communing with nature

  • Goal development and planning

  • Farm/Homestead planning

  • Land acquisition training including:

    • Traditional land/home buying process​

    • Alternative land/home buying options

    • Land reading skill development

  • Documentation and record-keeping of experiences

  • Community building and team building

  • Cottage industry planning and development


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lodging fund for on-site programs.

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The iLOGIC learning community is a series of small cohorts that take on studies of their interest and grow together; led by a facilitator who is practiced in the field.

Classes are offered by a variety of facilitators, who are stationed across the US and around the world.  Online Cohorts are small groups of 25 learners or less who gather online on a regular basis to learn about a chosen topic with a facilitator who has studied in the field for a minimum of 5 years. 


Facilitators will guide cohorts toward a shared goal set collaboratively by the group and guided by the facilitator.  Cohorts will meet online via zoom for a set number of classes.  Upon completion of the class, facilitators will choose up to 10 participants to form a Legacy Cohort which will meet at Solomon's Garden for on-site immersion programs. 

Legacy Cohort Members are recommended by facilitators to participate in 3-5 day workshops and retreats held at Solomon's Garden. Admission to a Legacy Cohort must be approved by the committee of lead facilitators and Residential Land Stewards.  Once admission has been approved, selected participants will be invited to register for classes during the open registration period.


Legacy Cohorts are small groups of no more than 10 participants who will apply the skills they have learned during the online cohort to a practical application on the land.  Their project will be their legacy - a contribution to the Global Village Headquarters that will benefit those who come after them.  


Cohorts create their own class schedules. 


Each course will consist of:

  • Minimum 4, one hour Zoom Calls w/ Facilitator

  • Study guides & resources for further study

  • Collective scheduling of on-line classes

  • Participation on site at Solomon's Garden* 

Learners may also design a class of their own interest, suggest facilitators or register to become an iLOGIC facilitator.

*Legacy Cohorts Only

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