Our History

iLOGIC: Institute for the Love Of Genius In Community began as a local community association in Albany, GA; founded in 2014 by me, Tannur "SheWrightz" Ali and my mother Njemile Ali.  It grew out of my desire to connect with my community in useful ways.  We called it "The Neighbors' Initiative" at first, as a way to gain the interest of neighbors in the 215 homes in my community.  After holding cooking classes, gardening classes and organizing neighbors for community engagement in my home, we began searching for a location that was large enough to accommodate the needs that were arising.  When we found it, we created the library and community gathering space, with the support of an ambitious and hungry community poised for progress.


After a fire at the building in January, 2016 I began a world-schooling adventure with my 3 children.  The tour, aptly named "The Where Is Home Project" became an 18 month boot-camp to prepare for a new life of service.  Community service, on a global scale.

Our community is international and our work is at our fingertips.  We have all heard the old refrain: grow your own food, teach your own children, work at your own business, love your neighbor.  Though these ideas are drilled into our minds as sustainable solutions, they often seem far away and unlikely.  Our busy lives demand that our time 'smelling the roses' is limited.  iLOGIC intends to change that.  By sharing what we have learned and heeding the wisdom of our peers, elders and children, we can grow a prosperous Global Community.  I know it.  I invite you to learn right along with us.


I connect a network of people who recognize that we must acknowledge and answer the call to greatness. 

We are a network of teachers and learners.

We are a network of growers and doers.

We are community.

"I thought that iLOGIC was a lost dream when we began traveling.  I'd hoped that some surprising inspiration for it's next iteration- possibly online- would come in the weeks following the fire.  It didn't.  I set out on what felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity to teach my children about living in 'the flow'.  We used our talents and intuition to guide us to each new destination and we focused on relationships as the keys to our thriving.  Over the following 19 months, we visited 25 cities throughout the US.  I even had the opportunity to travel abroad to Slovenia, France and Switzerland.   At the end of the tour, with the support of family, beautiful friendships and inspiring connections made along the way, we purchased 5 acres of land in a rural area.  Suddenly, we had found home.  A home for ourselves and a home for iLOGIC, our now international community.  And now the fun begins!"

Nestled in the back woods of Alabama, in a county marked by the establishment of strong Black Community and the acquisition of land obtained through reparations; we are proud to have purchased a plot of our own.  Now, we begin the process of building a community gathering space and education initiative on 5 acres of fertile red clay. 

Tannur is a Poet, Mother and Facilitator who travels the world sharing her gift and connecting dope individuals through deep interaction.

You have likely found your way to the iLOGIC site through direct connection with Tannur.  As a poet and facilitator she seeks to build authentic relationships.  As a homesteader and home-school mom, she seeks to learn from the people and experiences that impact her.  iLOGIC is a direct outgrowth of all of these things and a way to build global community among people connected to growth, innovation and creativity by way of taking bold action and setting powerful examples.


P O Box 709

Eutaw, AL 35462


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