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The O.A.S.I.S. Project

Our Ancestors' Spirits, In Service

The O.A.S.I.S. Project is a Place-Making collaboration between land stewards who seek to contribute to the growth and development of Black Land Bases.  The common thread among the land stewards that we serve is the need for lodging & infrastructure for the next generation of land stewards.  Our drive to attend to this need comes as a directive from our ancestors, who worked collaboratively to build the greatest nations the Earth has ever known.  These nations were built by practicing building arts and construction trades from generation to generation. 
Their spirits serve as a guide for our collective work and responsibility.

iLOGIC Homestead Incubation Program

The iLOGIC Homestead Incubation Program at Solomon's Garden is where we offer long term visitors a chance to experience homestead life. We learn together, grow together and harvest the benefits of our experiences together. 

All the fundraising, infrastructure building and program development that we push is about creating space for folks who are ready to move their dreams into reality. Folks who know that the only thing God ain't making no more of is #Land. We work together to build our relationships with and on the land. As participants grow in their skill sets, develop land based entrepreneurial endeavors and create relationships in the farming community, they also develop their plans for #LandStewardship on their own.

If you would like to be a part of this growth and development, click the link in our bio, check out the website and Hit that donate button!

We have a waiting list and infrastructure is all we need to move this process forward.

Love. Genius. Community

Collaborative Partners
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