The O.A.S.I.S. Project

Our Ancestors' Spirits, In Service

The O.A.S.I.S. Project is a Place-Making collaboration between 4 grassroots organizations who seek to contribute to the growth and development of land bases stewarded by descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  The common thread among the land stewards that we serve is the need for lodging for the next generation of land stewards.  Our drive to attend to this need comes as a directive from our ancestors, who worked collaboratively to build the greatest nations the Earth has ever known.  These nations were built by practicing building arts and construction trades from generation to generation. 
Their spirits serve as a guide for our collective work and responsibility.

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to Build, construct


Building Blackness


 We train individuals about the fundamentals of ķd.  We build experience through online learning modules and on-site building opportunities that have real life impact. We spread the knowledge and skills needed to do for self, build infrastructure, improve sustainability and to be apart of a dynamic building team that increases the capacity of historically disadvantaged land stewards who seek to write a new story for future generations.

 Training Opportunities

On Site In Alabama

A-Frame of the Elements


The A-Frame camping structure (A-Frame of the Elements TM ) is a one room 155 sq. ft. structure that guests can rent out with a nightly rate. A-Frame of the Elements TM will allow
guests to experience spiritual one-ness and be present with all of the elements (earth, air, fire, and water) while still in an enclosed space. A-Frame of the Elements TM is perfect for spiritual retreats, glamping, and overall one-ness with nature and self.


Training Features:

This 3 day training will take place at several land bases throughout Alabama and provide a hands-on opportunity to participate in the full building process of A Frame of the Elements. Participants will be trained to build the house from the ground up and receive:

  • Food

  • Lodging

  • Tee shirt

  • Hard hat

  • Power tool set

  • Building materials list

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Online anywhere

ķd Fundamentals



To train individuals about the fundamentals of ķd / building through hands on experience and online learning modules in order to spread the knowledge and skills needed to be able to do for self, as well as have the option to be apart of an internal team to further build communities.

Training Features:

Collaborative Partners

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Aleeyah Sanders was born and raised in Sacramento, California and moved to Tuskegee, Alabama in 2013 to pursue a degree in Construction Science and Management. While a student, she actively saved her refund checks to invest in Real Estate. Her Junior year she purchased her first home at 21 years old in Tuskegee. She renovated the property and every weekend she invited students over to teach them about construction and gave them volunteer hours for helping to renovate the property. She then started a Nonprofit called Let’s Rebuild Tuskegee that continued to renovate houses in the area. Upon graduation, she took a career opportunity with a construction company in Atlanta where she was hired as an Assistant Superintendent while still running her nonprofit and investing in Real Estate in different states. After two years of being an Assistant Superintendent, she decided to pursue her nonprofit full time. She is now also a land owner and very passionate about building sustainable communities through collective unity.

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​​A graduate of The Piney Woods School, 1 of 2 remaining historically black boarding schools, Candace Clark is a Tuskegee University Alumna from Chicago, IL; with a BS in Agricultural Business with a concentration on sustainability and a certificate in International Relations, as well as a former USDA 1890 Scholar. Her experiences abroad as an Afro-Indigenous woman cultivates her internal obligation to honor her ancestors by serving her community and those like it abroad.​​

​​Aware of racial injustices, she views them- and their potential solutions- from an intersectional, generative lens. She hopes to empower developing communities by learning and being a conduit for regenerative agricultural techniques to small and middle farmers, internationally. Although the role of agriculture is not widely embraced, she seeks to reconnect Agriculture to her generation, and her culture to the world, through agriculture and sustainable practices.​​ She has 2 Master's in International Affairs and Natural Resources and Sustainable Development from American University and The United Nations University for Peace, respectively. She is currently enrolled in Tuskegee University’s Integrative Public Policy and Development program, pursuing her PhD

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Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace, (NGVP) incorporated in the State of Alabama in October 2015. As a land-based organization, NGVP uses the natural environment and its’ awe inspiring “web of life” to create a Holistic Community Development model. While reflecting upon nature and its cosmic cycles, the natural and creative instincts in us emerge and are expressed through the arts. “Art is defined as any human activity or occupation performed with mindful imagination, beauty, and social responsibility.” The co-creation of this model requires organizational unity and sustainable decision making; to achieve the stated goals we will utilize a Transformative Intentional Learning Community (TILC). Essentially, the idea of a TILC is a group of individuals that intentionally learn, through study and rigorous but compassionate deliberative dialogue how to think together in search of meaning and universal truths.

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Tannur Ali is a Poet, Mother, Farmer and Facilitator who travels the world sharing her gift and connecting dope individuals through deep interaction.  She is the founder of iLOGIC: Institute for the Love Of Genius In Community.


iLOGIC is a way to build global community among people connected to growth, innovation and creativity by way of taking bold action and setting powerful examples.

To create space for the growth that is central to the mission of iLOGIC, we will spend the coming years developing models of sustainable, multi-generational community building.  Solomon's Garden is a five acre plot of land nestled deep in the woods of rural Alabama.   


We have an ongoing list of projects designed to teach and learn sustainable models of food production, natural-build housing, community collaboration and wealth building.​  Each of the programs offered on-site at Solomon's Garden by iLOGIC Facilitators, is also available at your location