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"I believe that Leadership is set by lived example.  The leaders of tomorrow are those of us doing the work, today.  iLOGIC ventures to connect with people doing their best work; using their inherent gifts and chosen skills to create meaningful improvement in their lives.  This way, we set the example that life can truly improve when we do. 


We are great teachers, because we are fantastic learners.  We can really benefit by getting together on our coolest projects."

~Tannur "SheWrightz" Ali

Leaders, Teachers & Guides:

iLOGIC seeks to prepare it's members for a new paradigm of leadership.  We recognize the wealth of knowledge that our Elders carry and seek to connect them with our wider community.  It is the responsibility of the young to harvest this knowledge and carry it forward for the benefit of future generations; this is the meaning of true stewardship.  We are the stewards of our world and therefore, the midwives of one another's dreams.  

Core Team


Our Core Team


Tannur SheWrightz Ali

Tannur is a Poet, Mother, Farmer and Facilitator who travels the world sharing her gift and connecting dope individuals through deep interaction.

You have likely found your way to the iLOGIC site through direct connection with Tannur.  As a poet and facilitator she seeks to build authentic relationships.  As a homesteader and veteran home-school mom, she seeks to learn from the people and experiences that impact her.  iLOGIC is a direct outgrowth of all of these things and a way to build global community among people connected to growth, innovation and creativity by way of taking bold action and setting powerful examples.

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Njemile Z. Ali

Njemile Ali is a publisher, editor and owner of Next Level Publishers, Inc.  She is the Mother of Tannur Ali and co-founder of iLOGIC.  Her deep body of knowledge, love of learning and intense application of knowledge lends to her key role as Operations Consultant for iLOGIC.

Ms. Ali holds several degrees, including: Associate Degree in Nursing, BS in Nursing, MS in Public Administration and she is currently completing her MBA at Albany State University.  She is a life-long learner and puts her knowledge to use in her endeavors to exemplify quality in the work of the qualified.

Her capacity to see the powerful beauty in the work of the often over-looked demonstrates her appreciation of life experience as a "qualifier".  She sees the genius in each of us and encourages- no insists that our work represent our greatness.  She named iLOGIC: Institute for the Love Of Genius In Community.

El HA GAhn_edited.png

El Ha Gahn

El Ha Gahn is the Director of The Academy of the Cultural Arts & Life Sciences, a school that trains people In the art of natural living. He Is a graduate of The Gibran Institute. He Is also a Master instructor In The Institute Of Certified Martial Artists. He has been involved In the Essene healing arts for 34 years. His Interest in this pursuit has taken him literally around the World on a journey of discovery about herbal systems, healing methods and wellness strategies.

With a background In herbal essences and biochemistry, El Ha Gahn Is the originator and manufacturer of the ever popular Isle of Paradise Products. Versed In a vast array of the ancient esoteric arts like Yoga, Meditation, Naphtali Martial Art, Moroccan & Egyptian Massage Techniques, aura reading, etc., these all represent the focus of his dally life. As an Essene Healer he is dedicated to the re-education of people towards self development and continued Natural wellness.  By combining his arts and sciences into a single creative
Discipline, he Is able to integrate his thoughts. Ideas and experiences Into an Approach to life that reflects a harmony of confidence, peacefulness and Inner Strength.


Asya Isamora Bio Photo_edited.jpg

Asya Isamora, content creator

Asya Isamora is a trauma-informed, health and wellness media personality, coach, and content creator.  A business woman of many talents, Ms. Isamora’s innovative work in writing/producing purpose-driven media began at the blooming age of 7 years old - when she started performing scenes from her own scripts and music videos to disrupt the monotony of her mind-numbing school days.
Since earning her dual bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism & Health/Wellness Psychology during the year 2017, Asya is actively leveraging her divine gifts and struggles to create safe, resourceful spaces for spiritual and physical activation in the face of systematic disenfranchisement.  To follow her work, please join the revolution at and connect with her via twitter and facebook.


Jamar Fulton, Sustainability Consultant

Jamar of the Fulton family is one who lives a life enjoying and sharing ways of being that enhance self sufficiency, freedom and voluntary collaboration. He has developed knowledge and skills in many areas. A few of his knowledge and skills encompass the arenas of permaculture, minimalism, survivalism, intelligent discourse and conflict resolution. Jamar operates with a focus of improving every environment he inhabits by formulating life patterns that bring himself and others closer to a zero-waste lifestyle. Jamar develops living systems where diverse levels of thriving life and abundance can proliferate so to improve the living conditions for people and surrounding life forms. Jamar's study of empathic communication, equity/equality and horizontal, non-hierarchical community building structures makes him a key factor in the development of the iLOGIC program and platform.

Jamar seeks to motivate a movement of a global community network that thrives on systems of understanding, collaboration, creativity and fun.   Jamar's determination to BE the change that he wants to see in the world is a core value of the iLOGIC framework and the definition of leadership by example.  Jamar has been a member of iLOGIC since 2014

ja vetta.jpg

Javetta Laster, ambassador

Photography + Writing are the tools I use to storytell. They connect to a deeper conversation about Blackness (past present and future iterations of it) and the relation of Blackness to time, land, and kinetic presence. It's about connecting to  transparency, honesty and vulnerability. This is especially true of my main subject, Black folks in the South, who embody a unique time capsule of physicality before and after the creation of the West.  My goal is to communicate the magic in the mundane and to continuously expound on the idea that there is no difference between the two. That magic and resistance is always constantly happening in this society in the same way standing confronts gravity every day. In a world of chaos, truly peace is the most unsettling imagery. 

Cohort Faciitators

Zakiyyah Ali, Ambassador


an S.jpg

Janet A. Sanders

Founder of PEOPLEnergy, an organizational and community development consultancy that serves a diversity of clients from corporations to non-profits and government Agencies. She also teaches Social Artistry™ programs internationally. She combines Social Artistry™ leadership curriculum with development themes, including HIV/AIDS, governance, community development and indigenous wisdom. Jan brings extensive expertise as a facilitator, program designer, project manager and trainer with 20 years international experience with the Institute of Cultural Affairs where she helped pioneer methods of wholistic community development, including twelve consulting assignments with United Nations Development Program


K. Stellar Dutcher

Hello human! I'm Stellar ~ a musician, poet and facilitator dedicated to a more just and connected world.

I write, sing and perform music to open people's hearts and minds. I write and perform solo and with my band The Seventh String.

Finally, I facilitate events, gatherings and group experiences of all kinds. I aim to bring people into greater connection with themselves, the planet and each other. Long-term culture change is my driving force.



Rebecca Rhapsody (story weaver, co-founder) is a facilitator, performer, and teaching artist who evokes resourcefulness, authenticity, and solutionary thinking in individuals and groups. It delights her to help you activate the story of your life or organization so that you feel more engaged, empowered, and appreciative. If you (and your group) have an urge to live each day more soulfully satisfied - then it’s possible. Deeply influenced by her place of birth and upbringing, the island of Maui, Hawai’i, Rhapsody's passion is to connect people to themselves, each other and the earth with Aloha. She has a degree in theater from Northwestern University, and has over 11 years of teaching artist experience as a champion of creativity and self/group connection. She is an emerging leader of Social Artistry, and Project Leader for Story Bridge.Spaces. Also, she has a huge sweet tooth for chocolate. To learn more about The Story Connective journey, and other upcoming projects, follow Rhapsody on instagram and facebook


Mentors for Change-Makers

Because of the great respect that we hold for our mentors, we have a vetting process for potential mentees to ensure that the time, attention, knowledge and guidance of our Elders is held in the highest regard.  If you are interested in connecting, please take the time to complete the application below.  We will contact you via email within 30 days for information on how to move forward and be connected with a suitable mentor, if you are chosen to act as a steward for our greatest resource - the wisdom of our Elders.

Thanks! Message sent.

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