iLOGIC offers classes, workshops, seminars and retreats for learning sustainable ways to build, live, grow food and develop community.  We want to connect with you, in our space, or yours to teach what we know, learn from you and cultivate our awesome community. 


Check out the list of learning opportunities below and if you can't make it to rural Alabama, Philadelphia or New York, maybe you'd like to book our facilitators to travel to your area and bring iLOGIC to you.


The iLOGIC learning community is a series of small cohorts that take on studies of their interest and grow together; led by a facilitator who is practiced in the field.

Classes are offered by a variety of facilitators, who are stationed across the US and around the world.  Online Cohorts are small groups of 25 learners or less who gather online on a regular basis to learn about a chosen topic with a facilitator who has studied in the field for 10,000 hours or more. 


Facilitators will guide cohorts toward a shared goal set collaboratively by the group.  Cohorts will meet online or by phone for a set number of classes.  Upon completion of the class, facilitators will choose up to 10 participants to form a Legacy Cohort which will meet at Solomon's Garden for on-site immersion programs. 

To register for an online cohort, click here

Legacy Cohort Members are recommended by facilitators to participate in 3-5 day workshops and retreats held at Solomon's Garden. Admission to a Legacy Cohort must be approved by the committee of lead facilitators and Residential Land Stewards.  Once admission has been approved, selected participants will be invited to register for classes during the open registration period.


Legacy Cohorts are small groups of no more than 10 participants who will apply the skills they have learned during the online cohort to a practical application on the land.  Their project will be their legacy - a contribution to the Global Village Headquarters that will benefit those who come after them.  


Cohorts create their own class schedules. 


Each class will consist of:

  • Minimum 4, one hour Zoom Calls w/ Facilitator

  • Study guides & resources for further study

  • Collective scheduling of on-line classes

  • Participation on site at Solomon's Garden* 

Learners may also design a class of their own interest, suggest facilitators or register to become an iLOGIC facilitator.

*Legacy Cohorts Only

To be considered for admission to a Legacy Cohort at Solomon's Garden, Please complete the form at the link above.  A member of the iLOGIC Staff will review your application and respond within 7 business days.  Online Cohorts are a pre-requisite for admission into Legacy Cohorts.

Featured Facilitator

El Ha Gahn_edited

Food Production Projects & Classes

Permaculture Cohort

We are working to plan and plant a food forest.  This is a perma-culture design that allows for the natural, sustainable growth of food and herbs.  The goal is to plant as much as possible to enrich the soil, nourish the fruit trees and vegetables and attract happy helpers like bees & butterflies.  

Learn these techniques with fellow gardeners and green thumbs to develop a practice of conservation and cultivation on your land.

Composting and Vermiculture

Learn to make the most out of everything you eat.  Vegetable and fruit scraps can be used to build soil, develop important nutrients for your plants and build healthier garden spaces. 


Vermiculture is the cultivation of worms for soil regeneration.  Learn tools and tips for making the most of your land.  Join this cohort to learn how to implement these practices at your home or homestead.  

Edible & Medicinal Plant Identification 

For millennia plants have been used as medicine in the world's most ancient and affluent cultures.  Healing is within your reach when you know what your body needs.  Learn to see what you need in almost any natural environment.


Join us as we gather to learn from a world class natural foods chef and specialist in holistic health.  Plant identification, wilderness survival, urban survivalist training, healthy plant-based meal preparation and more!

Community Collaboration Workshops

Social Artistry

Learn useful techniques for developing your imagination, building effective relationships, using your gifts to make a living and building stronger bonds within your community. 


Social Artistry is a set of personal and community development tools that will change the way you look at yourself and the world around you.

16 Hour/8 week Online Cohort Led by Tannur Ali 

Black Women Heal

Sisterhood, creativity, collective empowerment, honest discourse, grieving rituals, laughter, music, poetry.

What will emerge when Black women in all stages of adulthood gather to face our pain, indulge in sisterhood and engage in our healing?  We will find out together through the Black Women Heal Online Cohort led by Tannur "SheWrightz" Ali. 

This cohort will study Practical Imagination, Human Potential and Popular Culture to identify and implement strategies of healing in our daily lives and intimate relationships.

We will meet weekly in online circle groups.

Authentic Relating Games

Authentic Relating Games are a collection of extensively tested, masterfully led experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection.  It's a series of interactions  designed to:

Highlight and train body awareness
Create deep connection
Boost empathy
Strengthen community

Be fun!

Grown Folks 101

Learn the things that everyone calls "the basics."


This 3 day intensive workshop will have you cooking delicious one pot meals, balancing a checkbook, grocery shopping like a pro, starting a camp fire, updating your resume, opening bank accounts, handling business and so much more.  Gain the life skills that will help you move more seamlessly through your personal and professional life.

Niik's Herbal Boutique Distributor Training

Niik's Herbal Boutique is welcoming distributors!

Empowering women to create their own brands or to connect with peers in the beauty industry.

Join us for a weekend retreat including workshops and demonstrations of soap-making techniques, creating your own moisturizers and sales training.

Abundance Everywhere

Offers and Needs Marketplace

This simple, participatory process quickly unearths hidden or latent resources, ideas, and connections, matching them with those who could benefit.  Tell your small group about your needs and your offerings, listen to theirs and see what lines up!  Experience the ONM in an online group through iLOGIC.

Tannur Ali facilitates this dynamic program, designed by The Post Growth Institute to build asset-based relationships in communities across the world.  Participate in a monthly online Offers and Needs Market as a member of iLOGIC.

iLOGIC Workshops & Seminars

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