Regular Beauty

Nothing special about this place

Nothing amazing happens

Except the blooming

Something amazing happens, though

When I

Accept the blooming

In tune, we be so inclined to notice things

The sway in the trees

Arched back

The drip of water from the spring

The rain

In spring

The spring in steps

Out of step

We tend to see the rot

Spoiled after thoughts of last night's dinner prep

Leftover mess

The bills


Our hopes

Undressed and wanting

Nothing special about this place

Except the dawn

See- first light


Morning prayer spawn

Schedule, calm


Uninterrupted gulp it

Time is but a fleeting thing

Like libido and options

Indigo and coral


Beget concoctions of

Corona and Haagan Dazs

Is it immoral to do to one's

Gut as I have done?

Not yet

It's not on purpose, is it?

It's just,

In purpose, we committed.

To Earth,

The Queen

And she sees things as they are


And flawed



She sees us

Just in time

By Tannur Ali

All Rights Reserved

(c) 2019

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