Mouth Peace

It's finally time for me to return to the stage.

I have had, almost all my life, a place to go to share the poetry that comes tumbling out of my soul. Throughout my 25 years attending poetry, arts and open mic events all over the country, I have been blessed to watch what happens when people share their art in community. They blossom.

I have been living in West Alabama for two years now and in this time, I have watched and listened to so many people who are artists of all kinds who have no place to share their gifts near home. I have watched as people complain about the local politics, social and environmental justice issues and more. When I hear this, I think "Speak up!" I want the community that I share with people to be one where everyone knows that their voice matters. I want it to be common knowledge that everyone is a genius.

What better way to demonstrate that belief than to get a microphone and hand it over?

I hope you'll join us as we Speak our Peace at Victory Cafe.

Here's a little poetry to tide you over until 11/9/19

Georgia Peace

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