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Solomon's Garden May 2018 Update

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Well, here we are, 10 months in at Solomon's Garden and making AMAZING progress! The iLOGIC Global Village has jumped up to support our current project "Building Infrastructure" and the Amazon Wish List is ON and POPPIN!

Thank you to everyone who has shared in our vision to create a learning environment that centers on the land and our collective responsibility to it.

The videos below tell a short story about how I handle the tough days on the homestead. It's gratifying to have a Global Village of support, but sometimes, these long days in nature with no other adults in sight can get tough. I truly believe, the tough days make the sweet days that much more enjoyable.

May's Miracle: Just a few hours after I posted this video... Something beautiful happened. I reached out to a friend and iLOGIC Villager about the difficulty and she jumped up to help without a second thought. I realize that when we keep our work in front of us, our gratitude around us and our needs in the Universe, we are met with miracles.

Meet your miracle today.

Always with Love,


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